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Visit here to learn more about the Bañales Coat of Arms. One from Aragon, and the other from Viscaya.

The "Virgin de Los Bañales" was first discovered in the presently uninhabited " Roman Ruins of Los Bañales " near Zaragoza, Spain.
Does our name originate from this area on the outskirts of Uncastillo, Zaragoza, España?
According to Lope Garcia de Salazar 1399-1476, much family feuding went on at this time in the area of Sopuerta. This forced individual families to fortify their homes as "Casa Torres" to protect themselves against rival clans intent on revenge. One such family had a "Torre De Bañales" in Sopuerta and every one living there was referred to as "De Bañales". Although the Bañales tower no longer exists, several of these tower homes can still be found there today.

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